Haunted locale: Hummel Park

IMG_3411In future posts, I’ll be exploring various haunted locales I’ve visited. Recently, I tried some trail hiking at Hummel Park near Omaha, NE. Generally, being alone in undeveloped natural spaces is a calming a serene experience. Hummel Park is not one of those places. While I didn’t observe any paranormal activity during my time there, the ambiance was unsettling enough that I truncated my intended day hike to a mere hour. It felt safer to drive the area rather than walk alone.

IMG_3408The atmosphere at Hummel park is so unsettling that it gave rise to various legends, including that the park had been a Native American burial ground, the site of Satanic and occult rituals, and alleged lynchings. I don’t believe that these stories have been verified, but the park has been the site of at least two murders or body disposal attempts.

I may return to Hummel park at some point in the future, preferably accompanied by the local ghost hunting group. For example, I didn’t stay long enough to walk the legendary”morphing stairs.’ Allegedly, visitors claim that the stairs change and that they are unable to get a consistent count of the number of stairs on the trail leading toward the park shelter.IMG_3409

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