A Brief Look at Polaris Rising's Divine Bath Products

Today’s entry has nothing to do with horror, but I had to make an exception for this review, because anyone who knows me know that I’m obsessed with bath products and perfume. Polaris Rising is a small company based in Nebraska that makes candles, oils, bath products, and other items intended for use in hoodoo and witchcraft traditions. That being said, their products are so wonderful that anyone could appreciate them. My personal favorites are their Coffee Scrub and Queen Bee soaps and candles. Coffee baths are used in Conjure/hoodoo to remove negative energy. Polaris Rising makes coffee baths salts and a coffee scrub. I use both, but prefer the scrub because the grape seed oil base leaves my skin amazingly soft, and the rich coffee scent pairs well with coffee-based perfumes such as Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent and Dark Angel by Victoria’s Secret.


The Queen Bee soaps are adorable and decorative, and also my favorite fragrance currently offered by Polaris Rising. Their Etsy page describes the fragrance as a “honey citrus floral scent,” which reminds me of some recipes for Cleo May oil. I find it to be a instant mood-lifter. Polaris Rising offers other Queen Bee products, including an oil and candles (free standing pillar and jar candle with a wood wick). The candle easily fills an entire room with that wonderful fragrance.

Another benefit of Polaris Rising’s products is that they use natural ingredients and make their products as hypo-allergenic as possible. This is definitely important for me to consider, as my skin is sometimes sensitive to chemicals and certain scented candles (many of which use formaldehyde as a fragrance carrier) aggravate my allergies and asthma. This has never been an issue with any of the Polaris Rising products I’ve tried.

Check out their other products at their Esty store.


Lay your troubles to rest with these customized mini-coffins

Do you have a pesky person in your life that you would like to be rid of, but don’t want to resort to using a hit man or other illegal means? Instead of killing the bastard, consider destroying your enemy in effigy with the help of one of Joy Olmstead’s miniature coffin boxes. Joy makes a variety of coffins, including ones with a steampunk theme or for ancestral reverence, but I’m just going to share one she customized especially for me.

The interior is lined with nails to ensure that your target does NOT rest in peace. Furthermore, all of the interior sides of the box are decorated with tiny mirrors. I was first introduced to the idea of mirror boxes by Starr Casas. The idea is that your target will be forced to see themselves clearly and understand the harm caused by their own actions. It also helps to contain their toxicity and to reflect it back onto them, rather than allowing it to infect the lives of those around them.


The outside of the box is painted with a lovely punk skull and crossbones motif. For additional security, the coffin is bound with chains and fastened by two crossed nails.

IMG_3661 IMG_3662

For those squeamish about curses or wishing harm to enemies, you can also use these to contain and remove a negative condition. Or, just get one because it kicks ass as home decor.