A touch of SILK


One highlight of 2014 was volunteering at Scream in the Dark film festival, where I first met my good friend Justin Beahm and watched his performance in Rob Himebaugh’s short film SILK. Audience reactions were priceless, by virtue of the film’s cringe-inducing portrayal of female body horror combined with arachnophobia. SILK additionally boasts solid performances, elegant cinematography, and nauseating special effects.

SILK can be watched in its entirety below, but be warned: the content is graphic.

Movie Review: Come Back to Me (2014)

Paul Leyden’s film Come Back to Me is perhaps one of the most underrated films of 2014. Based on a book by Wrath James White, the film presents a refreshing twist on standard serial killer tropes. The key concept, which Wrath’s novel makes explicit from the prologue, is revealed fairly late in the film adaptation.

Sarah suffers amnesia, nightmares, and blackouts following a car accident. Her neighbor develops an intense, unhealthy interest in her, and she begins having recurring dreams of being murdered. Sarah seeks psychiatric treatment and counseling before ultimately deciding to install a hidden camera in her bedroom in hopes of gaining insight into her sleep disturbances.

Leyden’s screenplay give numerous clues to viewers before revealing the supernatural cause of Sarah’s plight, but even those guess the twist should appreciate the extraordinarily mean-spirited finale.