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Miles Doleac – My Horrific Life

We are thrilled to interview actor, author, professor, singer, songwriter and producer Miles Doleac!  Miles was the writer, director, actor, and producer of three recent films – The Historian, The Hollow, and most recently Demons.  He is professor of classics at the University of Southern Mississippi, and he discusses the influence his historical studies have had on his film projects. Miles is currently crowdfunding his newest film, Hallowed Grounds. That is just the tip of the iceberg for this amazing and talented artist.  Please give this a listen and find out what he is up to!

Follow Miles on his Instagram account @miles_doleac and support his Indiegogo campaign today!

These American Horror Story-Themed Dresses Completed Me


Meeting Piper Laurie at Horrorhound

For a long time, I sensed a void in my life. Everything thing seemed meaningless and without purpose. Just as I had given up hope, a ray of sunlight struck the window of the local Hot Topic and what I saw gave me a reason to live. There was a hole in my soul shaped like an American Horror Story-inspired party dress covered in surgical tool print.

As it turns out, Midnight Hour created five dresses for Hot Topic, each dress inspired by each season of American Horror Story. I nabbed the Asylum Doctor dress (above) and the Freak Show dress (below).


Freak Show dress as shown on the Hot Topic website.

Other clothes in the series include a Murder House maid dress, a Hotel bellhop dress, and a Coven dress coat. All of these are still currently available on the Hot Topic website.