My Horrific Life Episode 1: Welcome

Todd and Erica introduce themselves and discuss their favorite aspects of the horror genre.


Episode 2: Boris Karloff Tribute

Erica and Todd discuss their favorite Karloff films and interesting facts about his life.

Episode 3: Christmas

Todd and Erica discuss their favorite Christmas-themed movies and entertainment.


Episode 4: Necrophilia

2016 is almost dead. In this episode, we discuss Erica’s contribution to the new book Understanding Necrophilia, and discuss other paraphilias depicted in media. Be advised, this episode contains explicit content.


Episode 5: Apocalypse

Let’s talk end of the World!  Erica and Todd discuss their favorite and not-so-favorite apocalypse movies and books.   Fun stuff!  We also debut our awesome new cover art.

Episode 6: Apocalpypse 2

Erica and Todd discuss more of their favorite apolcalyptic films and fiction.

Episode 7: Sexy Horror

Todd and Erica discuss sexy and romantic horror films and novels, and wander off-topic in the process.

Episode 8: Sadomasochism in Horror

Erica and Todd discuss BDSM and other paraphilias in horror, and why paraphilias are ultimately boring.



Episode 9: Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”

Todd and Erica discuss the racial horror of Get Out.


Episode 10: Women’s History Month special

Erica and Todd discuss the new anthology film XX.








Episode 11: Interview with Justin Beahm

In our first guest interview, we chat with actor, writer, and producer Justin Beahm.


Episode 12: The Love Witch

In celebration of women-directed films, Todd and Erica discuss The Love Witch.


Episode 13: I Spit on Your Grave

Erica and Todd discuss their favorite rape-revenge film.

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